Complexity Reduction

Here is something from Jean Klein that made me think of complexity reduction, which is something that all autopoietic systems do:

You may have faced certain situations in your life and you saw certain elements. Actually there were far more elements to the situation than you saw, and these elements which you did not see, saw you.

I’m not certain what you mean.

A situation is composed of many elements. You may immediately grasp three or four elements and come to the conclusion that you “see the situation.” And this situation which is composed of only three or four elements of information produces fear in you. When you really face the sensation and you visualize, recreate the situation again, you will be astonished to observe that many points come up which you had not seen before but which saw you. These new elements establish a completely new situation. You have a completely new vision of the situation.

In other words, our fear is often based on seeing a very partial limited view of the situation and when we see the situation completely and fully the fear dissolves.

Yes, yes. We are always grasping certain points too quickly out of the need for security.

Klein, Jean. Transmission of the Flame (p. 128). New Sarum Press. Kindle Edition.

When typically oversimplify, reducing complexity to some manageable level. Simple minded people oversimplify everything.

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