Living in the Borderlands

The distinctions we make are always just ways of seeing; they aren’t lines or divisions in some reality independent of observation. It’s Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox. If you divide a line in half over and over, you never reach the end of the line; you are always only half way there.

I call myself semi-retired. I am straddling two stages of life, like walking along a geographical borderline. Adjustments must be made in how one lives their daily life and how one finds purpose, meaning, and self-esteem. I’m neither working full time nor a carefree retiree.

But if you think about, we are always living in some kind of borderland. We’re always in between two stages, like a middle school kid. We all have to learn to live in that ambivalent, ambiguous space. The borderlines are ultimately artificial.

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