What makes these QAnon people so pathetic is that they desperately need to believe that somebody is in control of this country or society, even if the ones allegedly in control are evil. They cannot bear the thought that no one is actually in charge—that there are just a bunch of blind particles crashing into each other endlessly. The old God has been replaced with an anonymous cabal of puppet masters.

The advantage of having an evil force in control is that believers can project all their primitive rage and aggression onto it, thus relieving their own anxiety for a while. For some reason these evil people are often said to be running a child sex-trafficking ring, and they drink the blood of the children as well. This goes back the medieval Blood Libel.

We are living in a world without leaders, a ship without a captain.

But cults always have an all-knowing leader–someone who can grasp the past, present, and future all at once. In this case, person or persons called Q (who has Q Clearance) has access to classified information involving the Trump administration and its “deep state” opponents. They’ve created an interesting, comic-book style story, and good stories are usually more powerful than logic or reason.


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