The Legal System and Property Rights

This is more global brain wave research.

When looking deeper into the legal system, in addition to human rights, another 2-gram we can look at is property rights. Rights and property were among the five terms used to chart the legal system in Roth, et al. (2017), the other three being law, laws, and Court. Here is the English-language Ngram for property rights:


The rise begins in 1871, falls slightly in the 1920s, rises again, falls again to 1920s levels, and then rises sharply from 1968-2000. According to the OED, property-right first appeared in print in 1837.

1837   Woolmer’s Exeter & Plymouth Gaz. Suppl. 13 May   I venture to express an opinion, that Church Rates, as well as Tithes, were ‘given’ or ‘bequeathed’ at first, and that, consequently, this property-right did originate in a ‘bequest’.

French–droits de propriété:


The French and English terms show the same steep rise after about 1980, then a drop off in the early 2000s.



The German trend line resembles the English, with the rise beginning in the 1870s and the drop off after 2000. The French, in contrast, does not take off until 1914, the start of WWI; the after 1921 it drops back to its pre-1914, staying there until the late 1970s.

The Russian trend line is interesting. The Russian term for property rights, I think, is имущественные права. It rises from 1913-24, falls and rises from 1924-1980s (the start glasnost and perestroika and the beginning of the end of the USSR), then rises very sharply.



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