Communication Design

Some brief thoughts and notes on communication design. What is communication design? According to Tyler R. Harrison, Communication scholars are constantly … More

Expectation and Affect

Causality is attributive. Observing systems attribute effects to causes. Luhmann’s ideas on expectation schemata (or expectational structures) are relevant here. Causality … More

Affect & Resonanzfähigkeit

Sara Ahmed (2010) describes affect as “sticky.” Affect is what sticks, or what sustains or preserves the connection between ideas, … More

Notes on the Affective Turn

Though affect has often been conflated with emotion, affect, at least according to Brian Massumi is not emotion. But Stenner, drawing … More

So-Called System Failure

The only way an autopoietic system can fail is if it stops reproducing itself. Instrumental purposes are constructed by another … More